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I am in very good shape. 5' 11 ", 173, 12% Body Fat. No prescription drugs...but I was disappointed in hair loss and it definitely affects my confidence with women! I did like how the Red Dragon Hair Regrowth Protocol was presented and I also liked the scientific approach and the fact that I could make my own product. After purchasing it and reading all the info, I had doubts that it could work for me but I decided to try it and follow it to the letter.

I was skeptical because there are so many hair growing products on the market but this is definitely working for me. I started the program in November and have religiously stayed with it. I have a magnified mirror and was shocked to see I have new hairs growing in at my hairline, crown, and back of my head where there was none before.

I have been using the program for 5 months and my hair is growing in. It looks a lot better. People have even commented on how good my hair looks. My hair looks thicker than ever, since I was in high school. It's amazing. I started losing my hair when I was 18 and I am now 62 but no one knows my age because I tell them that I’m 52.

Since I was skeptical and really didn't think it could work, I didn't take a pic when I started...but I do have my drivers license which I got renewed in August and started the program in November. You can see the difference in my hair line. It is for real. At first, when hair started growing in, it was actually hard to believe what I was seeing! I thought that at 62, my hair follicles could never regrow. After 5 months, I have had very good results and I will continue until I have all my hair back.

For me, the best thing about the protocol is that it's real, safe, affordable, healthy, age defying, and the on-going support by Dave is amazing. This product has worked for me and I am staying on this program forever. I have tweaked my diet, workout and supplements and it has paid off. I can't wait to see the results after 1 year. It is really amazing! Thank you Dave!

Mark Pastirik - Age 62 - Albuquerque, New Mexico

I thought my hair loss was just something I was going to have to live with. Then one day looking in the mirror, I could barely recognize myself. I was fighting signs of aging along with thinning hair at the ripe old age of 30. I thought it was just something I could do nothing about.

I was sure that all hair regrowth systems were something that happened to other people but I knew it was now or never and I had to do something and do it quick. The more I read about this protocol, the more I knew I at least owed it to myself to give it a try.

Now I have countless encounters with people I didn't know greeting me with a happy "Hello" and a smile. I believe they can feel and see my happiness and confidence that exudes from me now. I feel happy because I did something about my hair loss. Now I wake up ready to conquer whatever is in my way.

I know I look younger and I actually feel younger. If you're undecided please don't wait another minute. Just say yes to feeling and looking the best you ever have. This is the best decision I've ever made. Soon that mirror you used to dread will once again become your friend. I wake up, look into the mirror, and greet myself with a smile.

I am happy to be me! And that is priceless.

Craig DeWitt - Age 50 - Elroy, Wisconsin

Before trying the protocol I wished my hair was better, like it used to be. I doubted that the protocol was going to work as advertised, but my thinning, slower hair growth convinced me to try it.

Since trying the this program, I have experienced thicker, stronger hair. Some people even noticed that my hair looked healthier. The best thing about this is how well it works and you should try it for yourself!

I like that this protocol uses natural ingredients.

Nathaniel Hicks - Age 65 - Denver, Colorado

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